Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dixie Pup

4 short months after the loss of our beloved yellow lab mix Elvis, we adopted 7# yellow bundle of energy Dixie. While she has turned out to be a true "daddy's girl", she brings joy to everyone in the family including our 3 year old LOLIN alumni Josie, our two 17 year old cats and our 10 year old mutt Buster. Dixie graduates next week from obedience school and it is amazing to look back on her development these last few months. She has definitely livened up our household. Thanks to all the volunteers who made Dixie's adoption possible.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This is an update on Poe (formerly Champ), the beautiful and loving chocolate lab boy I adopted from LOLIN in November 2011.

Poe has been an invaluable friend over the past two years.  At turns serious and clownish, he was an adoring little brother to my older lab mix Hadley, who passed away this last February.  After our loss, Poe grieved with me, took care of me, snuggled me, and made sure that I still got to laugh -- he may have been sad, but meal time and walks never lost their joy for him!  As long as we're together, our house is still a home!