Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow we will celebrate Josie's one year birthday with us. She has come so far in the year since we got her. She has become the princess.

Our older lab Elvis will let her do just about anything. Often he will be playing with a toy, minding his own business, when she will drop by him and start licking the toy and just generally acting silly until he finally gives up the toy to her.

Josie is doing very well in her obedience class. We had taken her to obedience training when we first got her but due to a variety of circumstances, the class didn't work out. We figured now that she is obviously comfortable with us and knows she's found her forever home, it would be a good time to fine-tune some of her manners. She has 'sit-stay" down pat and is well on the way to mastering "stand-stay" unfortunately her "down-stay" is still a work in progress. It could be that more often than not she is in "play mode" and going into the down position just doesn't seem like a lot of fun to her. :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Remmy's A Beautiful Fit

I cannot tell you how "right" Emmy (now called Remmy) is! She is a sweet, smart, obedient girl! We love her and cannot believe how beautifully she fits in with our family.

Last week we took her with us to a pet freindly cabin at Whitewater Memorial State Park. (She was the best behaved dog there.) She loves the water, but is not a very smooth swimmer. Next spring I will probably get her a life jacket because she keeps trying to go in over her head, then wants back in where she can stand. ;)

Thank you and every one at LOLIN for the work you do!