Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mozart: Then and Now!

Then: An Adorable Puppy

Now: A Handsome Young Gentleman, 4 Months Old

Me (Mozart or Mozzie for short, left) & My Brother (Sparky, right)

An excerpt from Lynn & Keith (Mozzie's mom and dad):
The Doc says he will weigh almost as much as Sparky, but will be a little height challenged. He is still not very tall, but his back is so long he can get on top of the counters if he feels it is necessary.

He is still as sweet as he can be, but he does have a very mischievous side. He knows how to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and will bring it right to you in case you need it in the living room. He LOVES paper of any kind as it is so fun to destroy. He still eats as if someone is going to take it from him and we have to stand between him and Sparky or he will eat Sparky's too. He still runs with those ears flopping like a car with a bent frame going down the highway. You've seen the ones you get behind and it appears they really should be going sort of sideways?

He has now had all his shots, including his rabies and still likes going to the Vet. He thinks he can drive. He is driving Sparky crazy, but we remind Sparky he drove Reggie crazy and it's pay back time. He is house trained, but does leak a little when excited. The Doc says he will probably grow out of that. He never once pooped in the house. We are amazed. He's ok with his crate and now knows if everyone is leaving that is the routine, but prefers the run of the house. He sleeps with us and thinks we should really get up earlier than we believe we should. So, he is training us too. Thank you again for helping us get this little weasel.