Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cash: Just a little spoiled!

We adopted Cash in July of 2011 and he has been such a great addition to our little family! He is super playful and loves our daily runs as well as doggy daycare where he can have a chance to play and socialize with other dogs. He is a little snuggler and incredibly sweet which we absolutely love. He is getting MUCH better at fetch and we are working on getting him to drop the ball when he brings it back, which he will only do when we give him a treat! Special thanks to Foster parents Linda and Tammy for taking such good care of him and always being there for questions or encouragement! Thanks LOLIN, and we couldn't be happier! We think Cash feels the same way too : )

Wednesday, January 18, 2012




Georgie continues to do a most awesome job in training his people. Georgie chose us to be his family in May 2010 and we are now complete. The after and the before photographs below tells it all. Please fosters know that you are fairy godparents to those of us who benefit from your love and care! Thank you Foster Godmother Linda Acup who saved Georgie! Georgie still has not gotten that the memo that he is missing his right back leg - yup a tripod who is an experienced athlete and hurdles fences. Georgie is indeed senior but he prefers experienced! Gotta love LOLIN! Melissa, Sean and Georgie