Monday, January 24, 2011

In Memory of Miss Daisy

This is Miss Daisy. We adopted her early last year. She had been sent to the shelter because she was 10 and blind, her owners wanted her put down. She was an AMAZING dog. Daisy had a ball with a bell in it and was happy to go outside and retrieve that ball all afternoon if you let her. It was amazing to watch her find the ball! She was also a wonderful part of our family.

Unfortunately late in the summer, her back hips started failing. We worked closely with our vet to exhaust every avenue of treatment for Daisy. Our vet finally said we had done everything we could and that there was no magic cure for Daisy. Since that time we have had a hole in our family. We didn't have Daisy long but she surely enriched our lives.

I would encourage everyone to think about adopting seniors. Yes you do not have them as long, but they make wonderful additions to a family.

Miss Daisy...we miss you!

The Hartman Family

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here are my kids, Bernie and Mia! As you can see, they pretty much own the house. I adopted Bernie in November of 2008 from LOLIN. He quickly became best friends with his sister, Mia. They love play-fighting and can cause quite a racket! Bernie was the best addition to our family that we could have asked for! He loves his cuddle time with us, and he LOVES the snow! He had some trust issues when we first got him, but now he knows he is in his forever home and that we will never ever leave him! :) Thanks, LOLIN and Jean Mynderse :)