Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Definitely being loved!

Just wanted to let you know that Grover had two amazing days!  He was busy helping me plant flowers yesterday and we have found he absolutely loves being out side every chance he has.  We had so much fun watching him play with his new toys.  I love the way he throws things up and catches them. The moose was his favorite and he already has half of him chewed up. He scarfed his food down yesterday and this morning but tonight seemed to actually take a breath between gobbles. We have found out how much he likes to have his tummy rubbed! Yesterday he was on the go all day and slept good in his kennel throughout the night and no accidents in the house.  He has been adjusting to his leash during walks and I am sure he will have the hang of it in no time.  He is very curious along the way with all the newness.  Thanks again for fostering him, without you guys we wouldn't have the joy of having him.  He is definitely being loved!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Tail- Zoey

Our adoption story began in April of last year. We had lost our 13yr old Black Lab Abbyclaire to cancer in Jan. I had been researching Lab Rescues in our area, and came across Lolin's website. I read a story about a beautiful Yellow Lab named Indee, who was found pregnant, and wondering in a neighborhood in Avon. The family who found her took her to their Vet, where she had a beautiful litter of puppies. Sharon and Jeff met a volunteer while at the Vet who asked if they would be interested in fostering Indee and her puppies, until they were ready to be adopted. Sharon and Jeff said yes, and fostered Indee, and her puppies for 8 weeks. I think they had to replace their kitchen baseboards! Such a nice couple!

We where approved to adopt, and set up a appointment to travel to Indiana to see the puppies. My husband and I picked out a yellow female, her name was Daisy Mae. A sign she was meant to be ours, I had had a Basset Hound named Daisy Mae for 16 years! We renamed her Zoey, and had to wait a few more weeks to get her after she was spayed.

Zoey will be a 1 year old on May 11th. She is a 66 pound lovebug, who thinks she is a lap dog like her 3 fur siblings, LuLu, Auggie, and Oscar. She has been to obeidence school, and passed. She loves playing ball with Oscar, they can play for hours, before getting tuckered out! She also loves playing with our son Christopher, going on walks, and car rides. She still loves to chew holes in socks, blankets, and dog beds, and if there is a newspaper laying around she will shred it to pieces in a matter of seconds!

Since adopting Zoey, my husband and I have started to help with transporting for different Rescues. So far we have helped four Labs on their journey to their new homes. We hope to help Lolin when a transport is needed through Central Illinois. Thank you to all the Lolin volunteers for all your hard work, and dedication! We love Zoey!

God Bless,
Jennifer, Charles, Christopher, LuLu, Auggie, Oscar, and Zoey