Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ritter Roo and Riley

I am another one who is part of the old joke, Labs are like potato chips; you can't have just one. Just a year after adding Betty to our family, we turned to LOLIN and found Ritter Roo. She is a beautiful pure bred girl with papers. She is very regal looking, except when she is drinking from the toilet or the bath tub.

Shortly after adopting Ritter, I joined LOLIN as a volunteer. I participated in dog washes, Green Fairs, open houses, anniversary celebrations and more. I loved my work with this wonderful organization. When I got the call to shelter a "senior" lab until she found a forever home, I agreed. However, I was not sure I would do well with a foster. Well, I was right about that! Riley became our third labbie house dog. I am now a member of the elite group called, "Foster Failure," and could not be happier. Bless all the members of LOLIN. To help our four legged friends is definitely a calling.

Puppy Heaven

Josie joined our family in October 2010. Since then she has really blossomed into a great girl. She must think she's gone to puppy heaven since it seems we get new toys every week. My skills as stuffed toy doctor have once again been put to good use since Josie likes to play tug with her 100#+ brother.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Note from Jaci!

Jaci (Black Lab pup) with canine big sister Josie (Yellow Lab)

A Note from Jaci:

I came to my new home about 9 nine days ago. WOW, there is so much to do here! I have lots of toys and my very own crate to sleep in. My new family thinks that I am the sweetest little puppy in the world. I love to play with my big doggie sister and she is teaching me the rules around here. She even lets me share her bed sometimes. I get to play with lots of other puppies at puppy school. I'm still learning that walks in the neighborhood and car rides can be fun and the world isn't really such a scary place. I follow my mom and dad everywhere, and whenever I can, I like to snuggle up with my new family. I think I like it here!

Thanks LOLIN!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ashton's Award

Here is my "Happy Tail":

After adopting Ashton nearly six months ago, he has adjusted very well to his forever home. He has gained confidence after being a "velcro dog" for the first few weeks. In fact, he is now certified as a Canine Good Citizen! I plan to take him to visit a local adult day care facility soon. He will love all the attention.

Love of Labs' original description was that "he doesn't even get on the furniture", but Ashton has overcome that flaw! He especially loves sleeping on the big bed at night by my feet. He has some abandonment issues and we learned the hard way that he needs to be crated when we are not home (how many slipper toes can one dog chew up? A lot!). He now goes right in the crate with a bone and a "cookie". It's not bribery. It's "training"!

Ashton is 5 years old now and gets along great with his big brother, Rex ( 7-1/2 year old, half yellow lab, half Golden Retriever). They wrestle and run and generally act like such boys together. Our two cats just roll their eyes at the two dogs!

A big THANK YOU to Love of Labs for making sure that Ashton was the right fit for our home. He truly has so much love and joy in his little body!

Update 12/6/2010:

Today, Ashton went to Joy's House, an adult day care facility in Broad Ripple, to visit. He did great! Most of the folks there really liked him - some just don't like dogs. He was almost mauled by one lady and he loved it! We will be going the first Monday of each month.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We adopted Sophie almost four years ago from Love of Labs. Through her adoption I met an amazing organization of people and quickly became involved as a volunteer as well as an adopter. Sophie has brought so much joy to our family. Our kids were two and five when we adopted her and LOLIN was great at ensuring we were matched with a dog who was well suited for our young family. Our kids adore her and she lights up when they come home from school. We were inspired to become a foster family for Love of Labs in order to help save more dogs like Sophie who just need that helping hand to find their perfect family.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Check out Lonnie!

Loveable Lonnie is waiting for his forever home.  He's great with kids and is easy to please.  Learn More>>