Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hammering Hank a Special Needs Pup

We lost our beloved Georgie the end of August and it is because of our love for Georgie that we sought another LOLIN lab. We were thrilled to think we were adopting one lab but when we visited Foster Fairy Godmother Leslie, Hammering Hank was clearly our special needs lab. He was special and we needed him. He even greeted us at the door! Hank leads a purpose driven life in walking his people and he makes us laugh. He sleeps on our couch on his back with his feet in the air. Hank was listed on LOLIN's adoption page as Hank the Wonder Dog and he indeed is a wonderful dog. Driving home from adopting Hank we saw a rainbow so we are sure that Georgie approves. We can not thank LOLIN enough for all that they do because it is their help that helps to make our family complete. Hanks loves trips in the car, marshmallows and chewies and his new family - Melissa, Sean and kitty siblings MuShoo and Sammy. We are family!